Attorney Amy Tchao, representing the town of Kennebunkport, argued before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court the public has the right to access privately owned Goose Rocks Beach.

KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine — The Maine Superior Court issued a final ruling in the Goose Rocks Beach lawsuit late Friday, finding in favor of the town of Kennebunkport, granting title rights to the town of all beach areas in front of all but one of the 23 plaintiffs’ beachfront properties down to the low water mark.

The 274-page ruling from Justice Wayne R. Douglas ends an almost 9-year battle over public access to Goose Rocks Beach. In the fall of 2009, 23 beachfront property owners filed a lawsuit against the town over their property rights at Goose Rocks Beach, fighting to halt public beach access.

Attorney Amy Tchao, of Drummond Woodsum who serves as the town attorney said, “this is an important win for the town of Kennebunkport and for all who believe that Goose Rocks Beach should be open for all to enjoy, not just to those fortunate enough to own property fronting the beach.”

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