Christine Bragdon snapped this photo of a moose in Little City in Bangor the morning of July 2, 2018. Credit: Courtesy of Christine Bragdon

A moose was on the loose in Bangor this morning — though by 8 a.m. game wardens and state police said it had appeared to go back into the woods.

Dispatchers received multiple calls about a juvenile moose running around various parts of Bangor. The first calls came in around 5 a.m., reporting a moose around Union Street. Bangor Daily News reader Chelsea Brown sent the BDN a video showing the moose running down the street near what appears to be the former Bangor Theological Seminary.

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By 7 a.m., the moose had made its way through town over to the east side, and was reported wandering around the Little City neighborhood. Little City resident Julie Rand saw the moose in the area of Lemist Street and Earle Avenue, while fellow Little City resident Christine Bragdon also posted a photo of the moose in that area.

Credit: Courtesy of Julie Rand

Another Little City resident, who works at Acadia Hospital, said co-workers also reported a moose outside the Stillwater Avenue building this morning.

By 8 a.m., however, the calls had ceased, according to state police dispatchers.

Maine Game Warden Jim Fahey said that moose in town in Bangor are relatively uncommon, but every couple of years one will wander into town — often through the wooded area that contains parks and preserves like Essex Woods, Prentiss Woods and the Central Penjajawoc Preserve and farther out toward the Bangor City Forest.

“There’s a sort of wildlife corridor, or funnel, that leads moose into town through that area. They come out near those power lines by China Light [on Broadway],” Fahey said. “They’re pretty confused at that point, but hopefully they just end up making their way back out into the woods.”

Little City was last visited by a moose almost exactly seven years ago, in July 2011. The Bangor Daily News captured a number of photos of that moose, which ended up in the Kenduskeag Stream.

Credit: Gabor Degre

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