The Lady Victory War Memorial on the Norumbega Parkway was also affected by weekend graffiti. The dark portion seen in the front of the statue is where Bangor Public Works crews covered up graffiti.

Bangor Public Works crews cleaned up graffiti Monday morning after it appeared during the weekend on different spots on Central Street.

The graffiti was drawn in at least three spots on Central Street, including on the Lady Victory War Memorial statue and on the side of the Central Street Farmhouse.

Betsy Lundy, who owns the building that houses Central Street Farmhouse, said she noticed the graffiti when she went to get a bagel around 10:30 a.m. Sunday.

“It makes me really sad, and kind of angry, too,” Lundy said.

She said that maybe the vandals didn’t realize that the buildings they tagged have owners. “The building is my most prized possession,” she said.

The graffiti, which was drawn in blue in the shape of male genitals, also appeared on the Lady Victory War Memorial that watches over the Norumbega Parkway. The bronze and granite statue, which dates back to 1939, is a World War I memorial.

Lloyd Bubier of the Public Works Department said they were contacted by the Bangor Police Department late Sunday about the Norumbega Parkway graffiti. As of Monday morning, it had been removed.

The Bangor Police Department was not immediately available for comment.

Lundy said she plans to cover up the graffiti once she has access to removal solution. She said she could cover it with paint, but it would never quite match again.

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