A view of Sagadahoc Bay from Sagadahoc Bay Campground in Georgetown. Al Roker from The Today Show is expected at the campground on July 24. Credit: Courtesy of Sagadahoc Bay Campground

Patricia Kosalka was readying the campground she runs and operates with her husband, Eric Kosalka, Friday afternoon when she got a phone call that she said “blew” her away.

Advance staff for NBC’s “The Today Show” called to inform the Kosalkas that Al Roker would like to shoot part of the July 24 morning program from their Sagadahoc Bay Campground in Georgetown, Patricia Kosalka said Monday.

“I’m still blown away,” she said by phone. “I guess someone suggested Minnesota, and another state but another person said, ‘I know this campground and the views are great.’ We’re just so excited they’re coming.”

Since the phone call Friday, the Kosalkas have raced to prepare. Roker and other staff are apparently arriving in an RV, she said, so the couple has created a special campsite for them, “right on the ocean” with a fire pit and electricity.

Other NBC staff will stay at Gray Havens Inn, also on Georgetown.

“Who says no to ‘The Today Show?’” Kosalka said Monday.

The Sagadahoc Bay Campground includes about 70 campsites and cottages, and is run by the Kosalkas, who are in their early 70s. The land has been in her husband’s family since the late 1700s, Patricia Kosalka said.

This year, they hired two people to help run the campground, but Patricia Kosalka said she’s been working around the clock to set up a lobster bake or perhaps arrange for everyone to eat at Five Islands Lobster Co., and to get entertainment lined up — either local singer Alison Lee Freeman or maybe singer Lauren Crosby.

She’s my next call,” Kosalka said of Crosby.

Kosalka has also posted signs at the town store and is encouraging everyone in Georgetown to “come on down” and see Roker and crew.

“I want everyone down here on the field that night,” she said.

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