Escape Bangor on Stillwater Avenue in Bangor will close its doors Aug. 18. Credit: Courtesy of Google Maps

Escape Bangor, a Stillwater Avenue business offering the “escape room” experience, plans to close this month.

The business didn’t have enough customers to support staffing during all scheduled hours, the owners said in a Facebook post. The business, at 570 Stillwater Ave., will stay open for three weekends before closing its doors Aug. 18.

Escape Bangor opened in October 2016 as the Bangor region’s second escape room — an entertainment model that became popular across the country in the 2010s.

Groups of two to eight people sign up to tackle various puzzles in one of several rooms. Staffers lead them in, explain the basics and backstory of the room, and then shut a door. A screen on the wall starts counting down from 60 minutes. Before the clock hits zero, the group’s goal is to figure out how to escape. Themes range in difficulty and age-appropriateness, from scary zombie scenarios to silly, kid-friendly games.

Bangor Escape Rooms, which offers a similar experience, is still open for business at 1528 Hammond St.

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