An IHOP sign is seen at a restaurant in Hialeah, Florida, May 11, 2017. Bangor will soon have its first IHOP restaurant located on Odlin Road. Credit: Alan Diaz | AP

Editor’s note: IHOP said on Thursday morning that the company has no plans to expand into the Bangor area. Read more here.

The Bangor Planning Board on Tuesday night approved the construction of a favorite national chain restaurant on Odlin Road — an International House of Pancakes, better known as IHOP.

The IHOP will be part of a larger makeover of the Rodeway Inn, located at 327 Odlin Road, which will be redeveloped into a Home2 Suites, a mid-tier, extended-stay hotel chain franchised out by Hilton.

Tanya Emery, Bangor’s economic development director, said both the IHOP and the Home2 Suites would likely begin construction later this year, with an opening date for both sometime in the next two years.

“This has been in the works for quite a while,” Emery said. “It’s a total hotel redevelopment package, with a standalone, 182-seat restaurant.”

Hilton’s Home2 Suites line of hotels is billed as a “hip extended stay hotel experience” and is priced at a mid-tier level. Emery said the hotels are all suites with kitchenettes. The Rodeway Inn is owned by Giri Hotels, which also owns the Quality Inn locations on Hogan and Odlin roads, and the Holiday Inn also on Odlin Road. The company owns 25 other hotel properties across New England, including 10 in Maine.

The IHOP will be housed in the same building, and will be Bangor’s first IHOP. The chain serves lunch and dinner but is best known for its breakfast, including omelettes, scrambles and its “internationally famous” pancakes, including the Rooty Tooty Fresh n’ Fruity Pancakes.

Bangor residents may remember the Colonial House of Pancakes, which was open throughout the 1980s and 1990s on Hogan Road. The “CHOP,” as it was known, was an entirely separate restaurant from IHOP.

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