Forty-six years ago, Lewis Hogan Jr.'s plane went missing. Neither his body nor the plane were discovered. His brother, Jerome Hogan (pictured), is looking for answers of where his brother went and asking hunters to look out for possible wreckage of the plane. Credit: Ashley L. Conti

HOULTON, Maine — A Bangor man is seeking the assistance of hunters this fall in an effort to help solve a family mystery.

Jerome Hogan said on Wednesday that he is asking hunters and hikers out in the woods to keep an eye out for the remains of his brother, Lewis “Billy” Hogan Jr., or his airplane.

Lewis Hogan, who was a Houlton-based pilot, disappeared 46 years ago while flying on a stormy morning.

At 28 years old, Lewis Hogan was working for LISAir when he left Danbury, Connecticut, at 8:15 a.m. on May 2, 1972, in a brand-new, yellow-and-white single-engine Citabria. He was expected to land at Houlton International Airport later that day, but communication was lost somewhere between Kennebunk and Augusta. Hogan was never heard from again, and search crews never found his remains or any trace of the plane.

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