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A former Bangor Housing Authority employee has sued the organization alleging that its executive director sexually harassed her.

Anne Gunning, 64, of Holden filed the lawsuit last month in Penobscot County Superior Court in Bangor.

The lawsuit does not name the executive director in the complaint, so the Bangor Daily News is not identifying that person.

Gunning claims that beginning in April 2015, the executive director sexually harassed her by “soliciting sexual favors” and “implicitly suggesting that [she] disrobe.”

Melissa Hewey, the Portland attorney representing the housing authority, last week denied the allegations.

“The allegations in the complaint are false,” she said in an email. “The Housing Authority is vigorously defending this lawsuit.”

Gunning’s attorney, A.J. Greif of Bangor, disagreed.

“They’ve been anxious to settle this matter and their denials ring as true as those by Mr. Trump about his behavior with women,” Greif said Friday in response to Hewey’s statement.

Gunning, who is seeking unspecified compensatory damages, worked for the organization that oversees public housing in Bangor from June 2003 through May 2018.

She filed a complaint with the Maine Human Rights Commission in November and received a right-to-sue letter in June.

Gunning claims that while the Bangor Housing Authority said it fired her because a medical provider inadvertently left a return-to-work date off a medical leave of absence form, the firing actually was in retaliation for reporting the alleged sexual harassment.

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