Golden a radical liberal

I honestly believe Jared Golden should be honest with voters. Golden, who is running for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District seat, is a liberal. But it looks like, so far, he’s doing everything he can to hide it. Why?

Just a little research on his voting record and his statements during the Democratic primary prove just how far to the left Golden really is.

He openly embraced the endorsement of the Maine People’s Alliance, a radical and progressive group.

He has fully embraced a complete government take-over of health care that would more than double taxes on everyone in the state.

He has a “D” rating from the NRA and refused to answer questions from the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine about his abysmal and scary record on gun rights.

He can waste his money on all the TV ads he wants to try to show himself as someone he’s not, but he can’t run from his record. Golden is a radical liberal. He should stop playing the people of Maine for fools and just embrace it.

Mark Wellman


Kavanaugh’s temperament

What I saw at last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing was 15,000 years of gender evolution about disagreement. The faces of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Sen. Lindsey Graham twisted and contorted in anger, the raised arm and pointing finger of Graham. These seemed less than a step away from violence toward a supposed enemy, and mirrored the natural impulses of President Donald Trump toward those who disagree with him.

On the other hand, the faces and words of Christine Blasey Ford and Sen. Dianne Feinstein were meek and introspective, showing sadness more than anger toward the situation. Even Kavanaugh’s wife, sitting behind him, showed only sadness and empathy looking at her husband.

I hoped we had moved beyond these gender stereotypes to a better way of rational discussion to settle arguments. Where were the men who deal with conflict with empathy? Where were the women who can fight fire with fire when necessary?

I fear the anger toward Democrats of a Justice Kavanaugh on the bench will overwhelm his obligation to a judicial temperament of calm equality before the law. I fear that the extreme partisanship of two branches of our government will spread to our Supreme Court. Do our representatives in the Senate have the courage to vote against these outcomes?

Donald Lewis


Kavanaugh a qualified jurist

Brett Kavanaugh, federal appeals court judge, former aide to President George W. Bush and one-time investigator of President Bill Clinton, is one of the finest and sharpest legal minds in the country. Kavanugh’s record, his elite credentials and his ability to set aside his political views and apply the Constitution “as written.”

Kavanaugh’s judicial record, his time as an executive-branch attorney and his hundreds of legal opinions are revealing of Kavanaugh’s legal thinking and his qualifications for the Supreme Court.

After President Donald Trump nominated Kavanaugh, there has been a political war over why Democrats will oppose the nomination. Putting politics aside, there are no reasons relevant to not confirm Kavanaugh. His credentials have been evaluated, he is eminently qualified to serve on the nation’s highest court. I believe we’ll find that he is a genuine gentleman with a keen legal mind and an unyielding devotion to the Constitution and the rule-of-law. He has a genuine concern for our country, a deep devotion to his family and, most importantly, an unbending belief that a judge’s job is to study the facts and apply the law fairly without legislating from the bench. Kavanaugh said it best when he said a judges, “must interpret the law, not make the law.”

Trump has again nominated an excellent jurist to serve the American people. Kavanaugh is an excellent choice to serve on the Supreme Court.

Josh Kane


Andrews for Senate District 4

Sue Mackey Andrews has a keen ability to listen to people. She connects with people from all walks of life, of all ages and of many opinions. As a senator for District 4, which includes Piscataquis County and some nearby towns, Andrews will take the stories of local folks to Augusta where educating and feeding healthy children and grandchildren are to be promoted when making policies.

I’m proud to have worked with Andrews on the formation of the Maine Resilience Building Network in 2012, through which she has worked tirelessly to teach Mainers about the long-term impacts of adverse childhood experiences. Further, she has worked equally, if not even more so, to educate about the importance of building resilience while teaching by example.

Andrews works in her own backyard to find ways to support her neighbors by bringing a meal, finding funds to support education, and connecting people to local groups and other neighbors for a helping hand. She is politically active and understands the political process. She is a problem solver and has the knowledge and experience to lead District 4 in Augusta.

Leslie Forstadt


Maine’s ‘Greatest Mountain’

The original Abenaki Native American name Katahdin translates to “Greatest Mountain.” Calling it Mount Katahdin is a misinterpretation showing up on maps and in the BDN.

Please call this magnificent Maine peak correctly and honor Native American language and tradition by using the word alone: Katahdin. Thank you to Stephen Clark, author of “Katahdin — A Guide to Baxter State Park,” for bringing this to our awareness.

Connie Harter-Bagley

East Machias

Trump kowtows to Israel

The American public is used to our politicians kowtowing to Israel. President Donald Trump and crew are just more in-your-face about it. Reneging on the Iran nuclear deal to please Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — an old pal of Trump — was egregious enough. (Trump also likes to break things that aren’t broken so he can get credit for fixing them.) But now neocon National Security Adviser John Bolton is rattling sabers over Iran’s involvement in Syria.

I hope Israel plans to pay for the war Trump starts if he needs a boost in the polls, or just in his fragile ego.

Melodie Greene