A moose runs across the University of Maine campus the morning of Nov. 4. Credit: Courtesy of Jason Coleman

While driving to basketball practice Sunday morning, University of Maine junior John Williams was shocked to see a young bull moose trotting along Flagstaff Road on campus, between D.P. Corbett and Murray halls.

Williams, one of several student managers for the men’s basketball team, managed to grab his phone and shoot a brief video of the moose, which was moving along at a rapid clip.

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“I’ve definitely seen deer on campus, but I’ve never seen a moose,” Williams, a Portland native, said. “I’ve never seen a moose ever, in fact.”

The video was posted to social media, and it has since received thousands of views over the past two days.

Have you ever had a close encounter with a moose in a heavily populated area? Share your encounter in the comments.

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Emily Burnham

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