Signs in the windows of the space that housed longtime Portland bar 3 Dollar Deweys claim the watering hole will reopen under new management.

The free popcorn will stay.

That’s part of the message from the new proprietor of $3 Deweys — the storied Portland bar that announced its sudden closure over the summer.

Joe Christopher, the owner a Maine rafting company, said in a statement Wednesday that he’s seeking permits to reopen the pub and plans to start pouring beers again in the spring.

The announcement from Christopher, who founded Three Rivers Whitewater, came a day after signs were posted in the windows of the shuttered bar, suggesting its decades-long tenure as an Old Port watering hole would continue.

[Storied Old Port bar Three Dollar Deweys closes after nearly four decades in business]

Christopher said in a statement that he intends to “stick to the original heritage of Deweys” but with an revised menu and an expanded beer selection. He said his aim is “to match the fabric and authenticity” of Portland and called continuing the bar’s operations “an honor.”

The bar was opened originally in the 1980s by Alan Eames, once described as the “Indiana Jones of beer,” due to his globetrotting searches for diverse and obscure beers, according to his 2007 obituary in The New York Times.

Deweys closed in July but the former owners declined to offer much detail as to why.

“Cheers to many more years of serving the world’s best beers,” Christopher said.

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