Workers sort packages at the U.S. Postal Service's Scarborough facility in this BDN file photo. Dec. 21 is the service's busiest delivery day, every year.

The U.S. Postal Service kicks things into high gear for their busiest week for the year.

The Postal Service says they’ll handle around 3 billion pieces of mail from now until Christmas.

At the southern Maine sorting facility in Scarborough on Monday alone, postal workers say they processed more than 600,000 letters and cards.

And if you haven’t sent yours out yet, it’s not too late but you’ve got to move quick.

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“The sooner the better. It’s got to go through a lot of processes, a lot of handlings and we’re up against a lot of volume,” Paul Warrick with the USPS said. “December 20th is basically the deadline we’re giving people for packages and letters. If you want to make sure it gets there by Christmas Day get it in the system by the 20th and we’ll get it home for you.”

The Postal Service says hundreds of extra workers have also been brought in. They’ll also make deliveries this upcoming Sunday and even on Christmas Day.

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