A selection of some of the Bangor Daily News' photographers' favorite photos of 2018. Credit: Troy R. Bennett (2); Gabor Degre; Linda Coan O'Kresik

It’s undeniable that Maine is a beautiful place. Pair the state’s luscious outdoors with the people that have chosen to make a home in Vacationland, and it’s easy to see why we’re often blessed with amazing photos to help tell Maine’s stories.

Bangor Daily News photographers Troy Bennett, Gabor Degre and Linda Coan O’Kresik have chosen their favorite photos from 2018, and explain how they made the shots happen.

Up in smoke

Bennett: “Sea smoke is lovely but it only happens when it is sub-zero cold. It looks best at sunrise, too. You have to really want the photo.”

Flipping out

Bennett: “Once you see someone flip a canoe, it’s already too late to press the shutter button. You have to do it the instant before the action.”

Taking flight

Bennett: “I’ve tried to make this picture before and failed. I knew from experience, the little bird would be very fast and I’d have one frame to get it — or not. I dialed the shutter speed up high and tried to anticipate the moment just before she’d let it go.”

All in the family

Credit: Gabor Degre

Degre: “Besides taking pictures for the story of the butchery business, I was lucky to be there for this moment in their life.”

Fish out of water

Credit: Gabor Degre

Degre: “It is not always clear how some pictures were taken. When I took this one, I was standing knee deep in the very water the net was cast into.”

Close to home

Credit: Gabor Degre

Degre: “Walking into a homeless encampment as a journalist, one has little to offer besides conversation. I am thankful to David Williams for letting me take this picture while in his temporary home.”

The kids are alright

Bennett: “Making pictures of neighborhood kids helps keep this job from getting old. I never get tired of doing it.”

Sky’s the limit

Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

O’Kresik: “Maine is just beautiful and I never get tired of taking beautiful scenics of Maine – especially early in the morning like this photo.”

Window of opportunity

Credit: Gabor Degre

Degre: “Faced with restrictions of job-site safety, I was lucky to be at this church as the workers removed windows inside the plastic-covered area.”

Push the envelope

Credit: Gabor Degre

Degre: “This was a big news story that unfolded on a cool, rainy October day. I was busy trying trying to keep my camera relatively dry while working the controls with my semi-numb fingers.”

Winter wonderland

Credit: Gabor Degre

Degre: “When one of the first snowfalls arrived in the late fall of 2018, I decided to make it a painting-like photograph.”

Throwing in the towel

Bennett: “My strategy for shooting speeches and press scrums is to shoot the subject while they’re being asked a question. This is Moody thinking about the answer. Otherwise, it’s just a lot of photos of someone with their mouth open.”

Cold as ice

Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

O’Kresik: “This photo is from the Millinocket Marathon. It was bitter cold that day and I was looking to show just how cold. Can you really pass up an icicle beard?”

Lip service

Credit: Linda Coan O'Kresik

O’Kresik: “I passed by this baby with the lips pacifier as I was shooting the Millinocket Marathon and she made me laugh. I had no choice but to shoot her photo and spread the joy.”

Lindsay Putnam

Lindsay Putnam is a senior editor for sports and features at the Bangor Daily News. Lindsay previously worked as an editor and reporter at the New York Post. She's a York Beach native and Colby College...