Westbrook ice disc for video

The world-famous Westbrook ice disc is once again spinning in the Presumpscot River.

The disc has been featured on international newscasts and has attracted a host of visitors to Westbrook this week.

There were concerns Wednesday afternoon when the disc crashed into shore and stopped spinning.

Those fears were eased Thursday afternoon, when the disc started spinning again.

Andrew Sims, a photographer from Freeport, rode a paddleboard into the Presumpscot to free the ice disc from where it had gotten stuck on the shore.

On Wednesday, Westbrook police stopped a man who attempted to climb onto the ice disc.

A second, smaller ice disc also appeared near Millinocket on Sunday.

Michelle Simon of Millinocket was out with her boyfriend in Township 2, Range 10 northwest of Millinocket when she came upon another spinning hunk of ice in the Penobscot River south of Abol Bridge.

This ice was within 50 yards of the bridge, spinning counter-clockwise very slowly, and much smaller than the one in Westbrook, which onlookers say is about 100 yards in diameter.