Westbrook police on Wednesday stopped a man from venturing onto the famed Presumpscot ice disc, according to the Portland Press Herald.

Westbrook police on Wednesday afternoon stopped a man who attempted to climb onto an ice disc in the Presumpscot River.

The Portland Press Herald reports that police responded about 4 p.m. to Ash Street where a man had reportedly tethered himself to a tree with a rope and ventured out onto the river ice. Police arrived in time to dissuade the man, who was not identified, from reaching the disc.

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“This is something that happens,” Westbrook police Capt. Steven Goldberg told the Press Herald. “We don’t always have an ice disk on the river, but we always get ice and people try to get out onto the ice, and it’s never safe. The ice on the Presumpscot river in Westbrook is never thick enough to go on.”

The Presumpscot ice disc captured national and international attention this week, and crowds have lined the Westbrook river to catch a glimpse of the rotating ice. It has even inspired a humorous Twitter handle, @ice_disk.

By sunset on Wednesday, though, the massive piece of ice stopped spinning after it became caught on another piece of ice, according to CBS affiliate WGME.