A massive ice disc in Westbrook has stopped spinning.

The massive ice disc in the Presumpscot River has stopped spinning.

Dozens were in Westbrook before sunset Wednesday, snapping pictures and sending videos.

The enormous disc that was once twirling has stopped. It appears to be wedged to another chunk of ice along the riverbank.

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Residents from across the state are making sure they catch the memorable 300-foot-wide frozen ice piece, and the ducks are floating on and around it. Scientists say the ice disc is unusual but completely natural.

Westbrook is making the most of this. The circular piece of ice has been featured in the New York Times, USA Today and CNN. The mayor even made a debut on national television Wednesday.

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Mainers say it’s pretty impressive to see Westbrook get this much attention.

Even though it’s dark, people are still trying to catch a glimpse of the ice disc.