Dick Fahey, a resident of Stroudwater Lodge in Westbrook, takes a sip of beer in this CBS 13 image. Fahey helped organize a group of residents at the senior living facility to brew their own beer. Credit: CBS 13

Some seniors in Westbrook showed off their newest creation: a homemade beer.

The group lives at Stroudwater Lodge, an assisted and senior living facility, and for the past six weeks they’ve been brewing a batch called “Hoppy Hour.”

A resident at the facility has a passion for brewing and so he teamed up with a group of others at the lodge, some staff, and a couple family members to create the “Brew Crew.”

Credit: CBS 13

On Friday, they had representatives of Sebago Brewing Co. join them for a taste test of their new drink.

“We were able to learn a new skill. We were able to create something that we can all use and enjoy while learning something new and having fun,” Social Program Director at Stroudwater Lodge Rebecca Roy said.

“I thought it was a very good idea. I mean we’re all adults here. Believe me, we’re all over 21,” Stroudwater resident Dick Fahey said.

Credit: CBS 13

The group not only brewed the beer, which is a pale ale, but they also designed the bottle label.

Fahey admits he’s surprised how good the beer came out and he hopes this can be a regular activity at the center.

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