Electrical issues likely sparked a fire at a Rockland hotel Thursday. Credit: Rockland Fire and EMS

While a fire that damaged rooms at the Trade Winds Inn in Rockland on Thursday is still under investigation, fire officials believe the blaze likely started in the hotel’s electrical system.

Fire crews responded to the downtown hotel Thursday morning after patrons and employees smelled smoke. Smoke was detected in a closet and in a hallway, and fire was found between the first and second floors of the hotel, according to Rockland Fire Chief Chris Whytock.

Central Maine Power workers were called to the scene to cut electricity to the building, a move that also affected some neighboring businesses on Main Street, Whytock said.

The initial damage was contained to a break room and a hotel room, but as fire officials were conducting an investigation, a second fire was discovered four rooms away from the first, which had been extinguished.

Fire crews were called back to the scene to extinguish the second fire and investigate further, Whytock said.

Investigators were still at the hotel Friday to determine the cause and origin of the fire. Whytock said the fire was likely related to the electrical system in the wing of the hotel where it started.

Sections of the hotel that were not affected by the fire remain open, as “this is believed to be isolated to one section of the electrical system,” Whytock said.