Credit: File | BDN

A fast-food restaurant in Bangor was victimized Sunday by a “sophisticated and well-organized telephone scam,” police said Monday.

No charges will be filed against an employee who was sent to make a deposit and was reported missing after she did not return within a short time. The employee was found in the Walmart parking lot on Wilson Street in Brewer a few hours after police were called, said Sgt. Wade Betters, a spokesman for the Bangor Police Department.

“We do not believe the employee sent to deposit the money had any criminal intent nor will he/she face charges in relation to this incident,” he said.

Betters warned local businesses and the public to be wary of telephone scams or email requests for check cashing or depositing money in unfamiliar accounts.

“When in doubt, try to verify the authenticity of the request before following the caller/senders instructions,” Betters said.