Janet Mills waves at her inauguration in this Jan. 2, 2019, file photo.

Maine’s Democratic governor has yet to pay higher-than-expected costs for her inauguration.

Gov. Janet Mills’ campaign has told state ethics staff that her nearly $200,000 inaugural bill at the Augusta Civic Center came in nearly $63,000 higher in late January than originally quoted. Attorney Michael Carey said the inaugural committee has paid $100,000 to the center.

Mills is the first governor to disclose such information under a 2015 state law. She was elected in November and then had until Jan. 31 to fundraise for her inauguration.

Her committee said it’s received roughly $13,000 in donations and $40,000 in pledges since February.

Ethics commissioners could discuss Tuesday whether such donations violate state law. Carey said Mills’ committee went beyond the law’s requirements.

Ethics staffers are recommending lawmakers update the “unrealistic” law.