Socks the dog rescued a 6-year-old girl in Bath. Credit: CBS 13 | WGME

A family dog protected a 6-year-old girl in Bath earlier this week after an attack by a rabid fox.

The attack, the eighth this year in the Bath-Brunswick area, was stopped by Socks, and her family is very thankful.

Julia Davis was at a friend’s house when the attack happened.

Julia’s mother Kristie received a frantic call from the mother of Julia’s friend.

“She was freaking out. And all I got out of her in the first phone call was ‘You need to hurry up. Julia was bit by a fox. ‘And I said ‘What?’” Davis said.

Julia and her friend were playing outside, and the fox came out of the woods and ran straight at them.

Julia admitted she was “really scared,” and both girls started screaming before running inside the house with the fox on their heels.

The fox got inside, jumped up and bit Julia in the back of her leg.

“Me and my friend saw the fox. We ran straight to their house. The fox bit my towel. So I dropped it and it bit my dress,” she said.

“When the fox jumped at her, one tooth got her leg. And the rest of them got her dress. So when she pulled her dress, the fox let go. And Joey kicked it,” Kristie said.

Socks ran around the corner, grabbed the fox, took it outside and killed it.

“He didn’t really look sick to me. He was emaciated. He was very, very thin. But other than that, he looked healthy,” Kristie said.

The fox tested positive for rabies, and Julia got her second round of rabies shots Thursday.

“It’s very painful. But she didn’t move. She stayed completely still and let them do it,” Kristie said.

As for socks, his rabies vaccination was up to date, but he also has to get booster shots and is now quarantined at home.

“I think he’s a really good boy,” Julia Davis said. “And my mom and my dad … they’re going to go to a place where they make really good dog treats. And they’re going to get some for him.”