Do you recognize these men and this woman who each have a special tie to Maine? Credit: AP (2); BDN file

Maine is bursting with celebrity talent — from born and bred Mainers who go on to strike it big to international icons who later choose to make Maine their home.

We’ve rounded up a few faces that should be familiar to Mainers, if you knew them at the height of their popularity. Can you guess these celebrities from entertainment, sports and politics based on these archival photographs?

If you think you know who each one is, leave your guesses in the comments section. We’ll reveal the answers — and our favorite guesses — at 6 p.m. on Thursday.

1. Do you recognize this bearded gentleman?

Credit: Lennox McLendon | AP

2. Is this well-coifed face familiar?

Credit: File

3. Have you seen this redheaded woman?

Credit: Kelly West | AP

4. Do you know this waving man in the white tee?

5. Is this distinguished gentleman familiar?

Credit: Bachrach | Archive

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