Noah Gaston is seen minutes after Superior Court Justice Michaela Murphy granted a mistrial in this Feb. 14, 2019, file photo. Gaston was charged with murder and manslaughter for the January 2016 shooting death of his wife, Alicia Gaston. Credit: Beth Brogan

A new trial is underway for a man charged with killing his wife in Windham.

Noah Gaston told police he shot his wife in the mistaken belief that she was an intruder. A mistrial was declared in the first trial because of inconsistencies in forensic evidence.

On Wednesday, prosecutors told jurors that the evidence contradicts Gaston’s story. But the defense contends Gaston acted out of fear, believing he heard the footsteps of an intruder.

Alicia Gaston, 34, died from a single shotgun blast in the stairwell of the family’s home in Windham on Jan. 14, 2016.

Their three children were home at the time. Their 8- and 9-year-old daughters told police they heard arguing before the shooting.