An intruder and another person were shot during an altercation in a Brunswick apartment. The intruder was fatally wounded, while an apartment occupant was wounded and treated at a local hospital. Credit: CBS 13 | WGME

A man who allegedly broke into a Brunswick apartment on Monday night was fatally shot with his own handgun, police said.

The alleged intruder and another man, both of whom knew each other, according to Sgt. Chris Harriman of the Maine State Police, were wounded during a struggle.

The alleged intruder, who has not been identified pending family notification, broke into a second-floor apartment occupied by a man and woman, neither of whom have yet been publicly identified, about 10:30 p.m., authorities said Tuesday.

A struggle broke out between the alleged intruder and another man, during which both of them were shot, according to Katy England, a spokeswoman for Maine Department of Public Safety. Multiple shots were fired during the struggle, Harriman said.

The alleged intruder fled the apartment but died outside, while the other man was taken to an area hospital, according to England.

Harriman said during a Tuesday morning news conference outside the Tedford Housing’s family shelter on Federal Street, where the shooting took place, said neither man lived at the shelter, which has temporary apartments in it. Both men knew one another, through a woman, and Harriman said without going into details that there was “animosity” between the two men.

Neither man had a criminal history that would prohibit them from possessing firearms, Harriman said.

The wounded man and the woman, who called 911, are cooperating with investigators, he said.

No charges are expected, and there is no threat to the public, England said.

The Maine State Police and Brunswick Police Department are investigating the shooting.