Timothy Jerome of Bucksport speaks as he peels sheetrock and framing from the wall of his kitchen on Thursday. He said he doesn't know whether he will take back his wife, arson suspect Aza Jerome Vasylyk.

A Bucksport woman was indicted Thursday for allegedly setting fires and stringing toilet paper along the floor throughout her home before disappearing into the woods of Bucksport and Orland for eight days in November.

A Hancock County grand jury indicted Aza Jerome Vasylyk, 56, of Bucksport, on two counts of arson, according to an indictment list released Thursday.

Vasylyk is accused of setting five separate fires at the house on Nov. 11 before disappearing into the woods in Bucksport and Orland for eight days.

Three of the fires set inside the house appeared to go out on their own soon after they were lit, the fire marshal’s office wrote in a probable cause report filed in Hancock County Unified Criminal Court. A pile of clothes, a stack of books and a roll of toilet paper on the floor all had been on fire but those fires had gone out, according to the report.

The fire marshal’s investigator in the case, Larry Morrill, wrote that an outbuilding on the property had been set on fire and already “burned flat” when the local fire department arrived, while another set on a couch inside the house caused extensive damage to the living room but did not spread to other rooms. The rest of the house had heavy smoke and water damage.

Vasylyk has been free since her husband, Timothy Jerome, paid his wife’s $1,000 cash bail on Dec. 24.