Former Millinocket Police Chief Craig Worster takes his oath of office in April 2019.

Millinocket’s police chief is being accused of creating a hostile work environment by the police department’s No. 2 officer in a harassment claim the deputy chief has filed, Fox 22 reported.

A union representative for Deputy Police Chief Janet Theriault, Lorne Smith of Teamsters Local No. 340, said that Police Chief Craig Worster used tactics that were “coercive bullying, hostile work environment, very my way or the highway.”

“The town actually acknowledged that they had to work with him on his management style, is the way they put it. I thought that was really mild. If they had vetted him properly, they probably should have picked up on that,” Smith told Fox 22.

Repeated attempts to reach Town Manager John Davis and Worster have been unsuccessful. Theriault has filed an 85-page complaint against Worster claiming workplace harassment, Fox 22 reported.