This lost sheep has proved to be an elusive escape artist according to multiple sources, including the police. Credit: Angie Corriveau

ST. DAVID, Maine — One lone sheep — known to authorities as the “escape artist” — was captured again after more than a month of attempts to keep it corralled.

Reports of the sheep wandering the hills of St. David and Madawaska began to pour into the Madawaska Police Department in May.

“The owner, Paul Roy, informed me he had sheep and that the one sheep proved to be elusive as he had tried multiple times to catch it but was unsuccessful,” Officer Garrett Albert said.

That was until earlier this week when the sheep found its way into a pasture with some horses.

“The sheep was reported to have broken through the electric fence and had been chasing the horses in the pasture,” Albert said.

Angie Corriveau, owner of one of the horses being chased and the land, said that her neighbor and her husband tried to catch the sheep. Corriveau was not home at the time.

“My pony got out of his smaller pen near the barn and ran out to be with the other horses and the sheep, and the other two [horses] ran into the smaller pen to get away from the sheep because apparently he was terrifying to them,” Corriveau said.

“So my pony and the sheep became friends quickly and were just hanging out and eating grass together by the time my husband called me to let me know what was going on and ask if I was on my way.”

The lost sheep of St. David hangs out with Mackenzie Sirois’s horse, Gio, until his owner can pick him up. Credit: Angie Corriveau

When Corriveau got home, she asked her friend, Mackenzie Sirois, who owns the other horse, to take both horses away from the commotion since Corriveau’s horse can be a little territorial. Sirois put her horse and Corriveau’s horse in a round pen.

After a failed attempt to get the sheep to follow the pony, Corriveau contacted police to help her reach the owner.

“At that point, the sheep had come up to my friend’s horse and now they were the best of friends,” Corriveau said. “So, I removed my horse from the round pen, had my friend bring her horse into it, and the sheep just followed her horse in. So we left them to hang out, and gave the sheep some hay and water. By the time the officer showed up, the sheep was contained.”

Officer Sam Dechaine arrived to check things out before heading to the sheep owner’s house since contact via phone proved unsuccessful.

“Anyways, the owner showed up and the officer came back — he said mostly because he wanted to see the action,” Corriveau said.

The scene, according to Albert, was noted by Officer Dechaine as a “great wrestling match,” but eventually the sheep was returned to his pasture with the rest of his flock.

Since then, the sheep has escaped and been returned — again.

Attempts to reach Roy regarding his adventurous sheep were unsuccessful.