A person had to be rescued by helicopter after injuring a leg while hiking on the Bold Coast Trail in Washington County on Saturday.

The Maine Forest Service was called around 5 p.m. on the holiday to assist various fire and rescue workers who had made a “long hike” out to the injured person, according to a Facebook post by the agency.

The agency did not specify the nature of the person’s leg injury, but said it was too serious for the rescue workers to safely carry the person out. Instead, forest rangers landed a helicopter nearby and were able to load the patient on board, then fly a short distance to an ambulance waiting on the Cocoa Mountain Road.

The patient was then driven to Down East Community Hospital in Machias.

The Bold Coast Trail is a strenuous, 10-mile hike that hugs the coast through rocky and forested land in the town of Cutler. Fire and rescue workers from the U.S. Navy and the towns of Cutler and Machias helped with the rescue.