Maine Maritime Academy students walk by the ABS Center for Engineering, Science, and Research. Credit: Courtesy of Maine Maritime Academy

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Maine Maritime Academy will welcome students back to its Castine campus this fall.

It is the latest Maine college to unveil its reopening plan as schools prepare for the first full academic year since the start of the coronavirus pandemic back in March.

“Our faculty and staff have been working tirelessly to develop ways in which we can deliver a rigorous academic experience for our students while also prioritizing the health and safety of our community given the ongoing threats posed by this pandemic,” President William J. Brennan said Thursday.

Classes at Maine Maritime will fall into three categories when the fall semester begins Aug. 31. Some classes will be held completely in person, while others will mix in-person instruction, in particular for labs, and remote learning. Other classes “when possible” will be held remotely.

Students attending classes in person will find a changed environment as Maine Maritime intends to use “extensive safety protocols” to prevent an outbreak of the coronavirus on campus. Those changes include maintaining physical distance, using personal protective equipment and sanitization.

The academy said it will also work to reduce the overall number of people on its campus as part of these efforts.

“Programs of study at Maine Maritime Academy derive exceptional value from their hands-on nature, or experiential learning. We understand that resuming face-to-face education is critical to our students’ success as we look to resume our programs this fall,” acting Provost and engineering professor Mark Cote said Thursday. “That said, we must still create the safest possible environment for our community; safety will be the foundation of all that we do.”

Maine Maritime Academy has about 950 undergraduate and graduate students.

The academy’s unveiled reopening plan comes on the heels of announcements from the state’s major colleges and universities of their plans for the upcoming academic year. The University of Maine System, Colby College in Waterville and Bates College in Lewiston will welcome back students this fall, while Bowdoin College will only allow first-year and transfer students on its Brunswick campus this fall. Depending on how the fall semester goes, Bowdoin will allow sophomore, junior and senior students to return next January.