Seen here in a 2007 file photo, tarantulas are painful by not poisonous. Credit: Petar Petrov / AP

A motel owner looking to get paid an overdue bill discovered 53 spiders, including at least three tarantulas ― all packed in plastic cases ― at a motel in Norway last weekend, the Advertiser Democrat reported.

Inn Town Motel owner Andrew Coombs ended up evicting the guest, Sean Schoomaker, after making the discovery on Saturday. The Maine Warden Service cited Schoomaker for alleged possession of three tarantulas that are illegal to own in Maine without permits. The other spiders were transferred to a natural science and animal rescue and rehabilitation center in Lewiston, the Advertiser Democrat reported.

Tarantulas have a reputation for being deadly, and they do look nasty, with hairy bodies and legs that span up to 11 inches. Yet while their bite is painful, they are not actually deadly, having a venom that is less potent than that carried by bees, according to National Geographic.

Coombs was not pleased to find the spiders in his room.

“He must have snuck them all in at night. We never would have allowed that in our motel,” Coombs told the Advertiser Democrat. “I can’t imagine he’s going to find anyone to let him check in with those tarantulas.”