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Protecting our rights and freedoms

A short time ago it was announced that Everytown for Gun Safety, the group founded and funded by New York City billionaire Michael Bloomberg, has endorsed Sara Gideon’s bid for U.S. Senate.

The group did not endorse her because she is the best candidate for Maine, but rather because she would be instrumental in advancing Bloomberg’s national gun control agenda. The group’s president explained that, “A vote for Sara Gideon is a vote against Mitch McConnell, who has made the Senate the place where desperately needed gun safety bills go to die.”

True to Bloomberg’s style, the group plans to achieve this goal by throwing obscene amounts of money into various campaigns around the country, hoping to buy their way to victory. This year, they plan to spend $60 million, double what they spent in 2018, and we can expect to see a big chunk of that money spent on electing Gideon to replace Sen. Susan Collins.

Perhaps even more shocking than all of this is the fact that one of her top supporters is now calling for defunding the police, and I have yet to see her renounce it.

So in light of these recent developments, I would like Gideon to explain how all of the new gun control laws she so enthusiastically supports will be enforced after her supporters dismantle and defund the police.

This fall, there’s one clear choice for Mainers who want their rights and freedoms to be protected. Please join me in voting to re-elect Sen.Susan Collins.

Michael Coleman

Old Orchard Beach

Mencken’s prescience

The great Baltimore Sun journalist H.L. Mencken once warned that one day a “moron” would occupy the White House. What prescience!

President Donald Trump decides that the United States will withdraw from the World Health Organization (WHO) in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. If our president reads, he should take a close look at a recent issue of The Economist which makes clear that it was the WHO in early 2018 that warned the next new animal-borne pathogen, then called “Disease X,” would strike humans. Two years later it began in Wuhan, China.

More than 3 million Americans have been infected, roughly one-quarter of all cases globally. Americans can expect President Joe Biden to withdraw the request to leave WHO.

Roger Bowen

Prospect Harbor

Vote by mail fiasco

I am greatly disappointed that the Bangor Daily News, which is in the forefront of pushing for vote-by-mail balloting in the July 14 election, hasn’t made mention of the fiasco that transpired in Paterson, New Jersey, in May. The safety of absentee/vote-by-mail is paramount to ensuring an honest election and one where we, the citizens of Maine, are confident that the winning sides were gained fairly.

In Paterson, approximately 17,000 ballots were cast by mail. However, nearly 3,300 of those 17,000, or about 19 percent, were disallowed for three principal reasons: signatures didn’t match those on file, the section dealing with who was allowed to submit a ballot for another person, and a general “other” category.

Investigations by reputable news sources found that several who were mailed ballots never received them, some ballots that had been mailed in were never received, some who were recorded as having voted said they never mailed in a ballot, and at least three dead people were recorded as having voted.

I can only wonder why the BDN didn’t give this any coverage?

William Chapman


Listen to Bangor students

Bangor High School needs to listen to its students. Ijeoma Obi, Amara Ifeji, and Kosi Ifeji are to be commended. I think they show more sense than the administrators of Bangor High School and the superintendent of schools. In my opinion, nothing will be solved through an independent investigation of BHS’s handling of the racial problems at the school.

This beautiful young woman, Amara Ifeji, has given administrators the suggestions necessary to begin to change and heal. Most important of which is “a strict plan of action to address any incident of discrimination that students might report.”

As a former educator, I would not want to teach in any school where students are told that the administrators can’t do anything about the racism and discrimination and that the students should take matters into their own hands. In my opinion, that administrator needs a bit of re-education and a course in facilitating student needs.

Beth White


Wearing a mask is not hard

It is not hard to do. It is respectful and the right thing! Mask wearing is second nature,

like a seat belt, and very necessary. It could save your life, your parents, grandparents

or some innocent person you do not know. We conform in many ways every day because

we are mostly law-abiding people. Wearing a mask can help everyone, which helps you.

Non-symptomatic folks can transmit COVID-19 easily when no masks are worn.

Those who are cavalier, rebellious or making some political statement are disrespecting

their community and their humanity. People can show true patriotism and help their friends and community by simply wearing a mask!

Store owners need to grow nerve and enforce the guidelines for the health of people who shop at their stores. No mask, no entry! There is help for those who cannot wear a mask, from store employees, friends, relatives who can wear a mask. Delivery drivers, store employees all need to wear a mask. Folks can accept these rules like wearing shoes, a shirt or not smoking.

Maine has a lower rate of people getting this virus but suspect that those not wearing masks will contribute to increased cases. Vacationland will have to be closed if these behaviors allow

this virus to flood our hospitals this summer. Florida just had more than 15,000 cases in one day.

Best results will come from everyone wearing their mask!

Dennis St. Jean