In this Dec. 21, 2005, file photo, lobster boats are tied to their moorings at Bailey Island near Harpswell. Credit: Pat Wellenbach / AP

One researcher is warning more sharks are visiting Maine waters, and Mainers need to be on the lookout.

Dr. James Sulikowski, a professor of marine science at the University of New England, has studied sharks in Maine and beyond for more than two decades.

Sulikowski was shocked to hear of the state’s first fatal shark attack off Bailey Island in Harpswell.

Sulikowski said the only other documented attack in Maine happened in 2010, when a shark circled an underwater diver off Washington County, but he said sharks are here, moving north from Cape Cod in search of food.

“As the seal population increases, as the competition down near the Cape gets stiffer for food sources, you’re going to have more of these sharks move up, as that sort of happens, Maine’s got to be prepared,” Sulikowski said.

Sulikowski said Mainers have grown accustomed to not having to worry about sharks, and that needs to change.