A great white shark is pictured in the Eastern North Pacific in this undated photo. Credit: Kevin Weng, University of Hawaii via REUTERS

HARPSWELL — The Maine Department of Marine Resources has confirmed a white shark sighting Friday at Pond Island Ledges, which is off Bailey Island.

The town of Harpswell advises that anyone swimming should be extra cautious, and consider only wading out into ankle-deep water.

The town also recommends that kayakers avoid the area.

This sighting comes after a deadly great white shark attack Monday off of Bailey Island.

Officials say 63-year-old Julie Holowach of New York was killed about 60 feet offshore of Bailey Island.

A pair of kayakers were able to bring Holowach back to shore, where she was pronounced dead.

Experts say the abundance of seals in Maine waters could lead to more shark sightings.

The confirmed shark sighting on Friday was made by a photographer with a drone camera. The Maine Department of Marine Resources sent the photo to Greg Skomal, a shark expert from Massachusetts, for identification. Skomal also was the person who identified the shark that attacked Holowach from a tooth fragment found at the scene. On Thursday, there also were two unconfirmed shark sightings in the region, according to the department.

“We’re just trying to say the same thing — be aware of your surroundings. Avoid schools of fish and seals. It’s the same message,” Jeff Nichols, the spokesperson for the Maine Department of Marine Resources, said. 

The state will continue to do this type of shark monitoring, he said. 

“Not only are we getting these reports, but there have been injuries on seals that are consistent with shark bites,” he said. “There’s a lot of data and a lot of research out there that confirms there are sharks in the Gulf of Maine. This is something we’re going to remain obviously focused on through the summer.”