This June 12, 2018, file photo shows Waterville Mayor, Nick Isgro shaking hands with voters as they enter the Alfond Athletic Center at Thomas College during primary voting. Credit: Michael G. Seamans / Waterville Morning Sentinel via AP

Republican Nick Isgro won’t seek re-election for another term as Waterville’s mayor this November.

The Waterville Morning Sentinel reports Isgro is “taking a break” from politics to be with his family as his oldest child enters high school.

Isgro, who was first elected mayor in 2014 on a platform of fiscal responsibility, has attracted much controversy over the past couple years as he waded into national debates over gun control, immigration and Columbus Day.

In 2018, he faced a backlash over a tweet telling a survivor of a deadly mass shooting at a Florida high school who became a vocal supporter of gun control measures to “eat it.” His critics launched a recall drive in response. Isgro survived that recall.

Last year, Isgro drew fire over statements he made falsely linking immigrants to the outbreak of once-eradicated diseases. He also found himself a target of criticism over his Columbus Day proclamation that opponents called it a “malevolent erasure of a long and violent history of genocide and abuse of indigenous people.”

The controversy of the Columbus Day proclamation reached a boiling point a couple weeks later when Isgro stormed out of a City Council meeting after a heated exchange with a resident who said during a public comment period that the mayor was drawing negative attention to the city and was “not respectful of the people of Waterville.”

Only one person is running for the mayor’s seat in the upcoming election — Democrat Jay Coelho, the Sentinel reports. The Waterville Republican Committee nominated no candidates to face off against Coelho. Anyone can run for the seat without party affiliation, according to the newspaper.