Credit: Jesse Groening / BDN

Democrats in Maine have a large lead over Republicans in registering voters in Maine, though both parties have more members than they’ve ever had in at least three decades.

The Maine secretary of state’s office has compiled data that show Democrats have 386,786 members and Republicans have 295,122. The enrollments are the highest since at least 1990, the first year with available statistics, the Portland Press Herald reports.

The number of unenrolled voters in the state declined to 339,782. There were more than 367,000 unenrolled voters in the state in 2014, after which the figure began to decline.

The secretary of state’s office compiled the data after the July 14 primary. Maine is headed into a very competitive general election cycle in which the state’s electoral votes, a U.S. Senate race and a U.S. House of Representatives race are all under close watch.