A Brunswick man was attacked three times by a rabid fox on Thursday before authorities euthanized it.

The man was in the backyard of his Oak Street home about 10:41 a.m. when a rabid fox “aggressively” attacked him, according to Brunswick police Chief Scott Stewart.

He successfully fended off the fox, but it returned and attacked him two more times, Stewart said. Each time the man kicked the fox away.

A Brunswick police officer and animal control officer arrived and found the fox still in the man’s backyard. The fox tried to attack the animal control officer and was euthanized, according to Stewart.

This rabid fox attack comes after at least two others earlier this summer, according to Stewart.

On June 27, a fox that was foaming at the mouth was charging at vehicles on McClellan Street. It was hit by a car before officers arrived at the scene. On June 21, a fox that charged a homeowner on Stetson Road was also euthanized.