An Androscoggin County logger rescued himself from a bizarre accident despite a broken leg when he used a chainsaw to cut himself free of another tree and drive himself a half-mile to emergency responders on Thursday.

Philip Nickey, 59, of Leeds called 911 and reported the accident at about 9 a.m. In significant pain, Nickey was losing consciousness and couldn’t tell the Sabattus Police Department dispatcher where he was, but the dispatcher traced the call to the vicinity of 201 Marsh Road, police said.

When police found him, Nickey reported that he had secured a clump of trees to his skidder with a cable and was dragging them to a collection point when the cable broke free of the pile and its recoil flung a tree trunk into him, pinning him to another tree. Despite the injury, Nickey reached a nearby chainsaw, cut himself free, and drove the skidder a half-mile before police Lieutenant Dan Davies found him, police said.

An ambulance took Nickey to Central Maine Medical Center of Lewiston for treatment, police said.