Aquaboggan Water Park said "strict and inconsistent state regulations" have forced it to close for the season. Credit: CBS 13

SACO — Aquaboggan Water Park says “strict and inconsistent state regulations” have forced it to close for the season.

Park officials contend an update to Maine coronavirus safety guidelines reduced the number of people allowed in the park from 1,500 to 100. Police showed up Friday to serve managers with a cease and desist letter.

But the state contends there was no change in rules and that Aquaboggan had incorrectly interpreted the rules.

Aquaboggan officials said the water park in Saco should be treated the same as beaches and other open spaces.

“We plan to confront the inconsistency of the guidelines by working to create policy change rather than operate against them, but unfortunately this takes time,” Aquaboggan posted on social media.

The state had a different view on the situation.

State agencies, health inspectors and the city officials tried to get Aquaboggan to comply with “the same protocols that are required of other outdoor amusement venues,” said Kate Foye, spokesperson for the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development.

“Ultimately, after multiple warnings, Aquaboggan failed to comply and was issued a cease and desist by local law enforcement,” she said.