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PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — A standoff involving Presque Isle Police, Maine State Police and the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office ended after more than seven hours on Friday.

Officers from each group were staked out near the McDonald’s on Presque Isle’s Main Street for several hours, pointing their rifles in the direction of a nearby house.

It became one of the most talked about incidents for Presque Isle all year, with numerous speculations posted on social media. Hundreds of people listened in to the police scanner, posting on Facebook the unconfirmed information they heard on-air. 

Still, even after the standoff was over, there was little information released by police about the nature of the incident. Unconfirmed reports about the alleged perpetrator were constant on local social media groups. 

The roads were initially open, with several people driving by Aroostook County’s busiest roads as cops staked out positions. Many stopped to take pictures or record video as they drove. 

That section of Main Street — from TD Bank to near the Honda Motors dealership — was blocked off along with several adjacent roads beginning around 3:30 p.m. The closings continued for the duration of the multi-hour standoff.

A tactical vehicle operated by the Maine State Police was spotted entering the scene hours before the standoff ended. People in camo could also be seen, though their role in resolving the incident was not clear.