A classroom is seen in Boothbay. Credit: CBS 13

School leaders in Boothbay are delaying the start of in-person learning for some students.

On Tuesday, prekindergarten to fifth grade started in-person learning as scheduled, but grades 6 to 12 are 100 percent online for now.

Many parents who were planning to send their kids to school this week said they were caught off guard by the last-minute change.

“I have friends who are absolutely livid you know. No excuses and how could they not be ready?” said Liz Evans, a parent of two students.

“I was shocked. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about it,” said Angela Percival, a parent of a middle school student.

The school sent a letter to parents on Friday, citing insufficient transportation and staffing.

“We understand that this is the eleventh hour, and with little notice to you and your children. We understand the planning and stress that we have placed on you,” the letter reads.

The school district hopes to have everyone back for in-person learning in about three weeks.

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