A Spruce Head man allegedly displayed a gun and threatened a maskless couple at a Shaw’s supermarket in Rockland earlier this summer.

George D. Kibitz, 84, was charged with Class C criminal threatening, a felony, the Courier-Gazette reported.

Kibitz was carrying a gun when he allegedly confronted a man and woman who were not wearing masks at the supermarket. He commented that maybe he would shoot people not wearing face coverings, police said.

Kibitz allegedly pulled up his shirt to display the gun at the same time.

Kibitz made his initial appearance in Knox County Court in Rockland on Monday. His attorneys did not enter a plea because it is a felony charge, according to the Gazette.

He has been prohibited from returning to Shaw’s and ordered not to have contact with the couple involved.

This isn’t the first time this summer that Rockland police have intervened during a confrontation over the mask mandate.

In July, a man was accused of displaying a gun inside a Dunkin’ Donuts after another customer pointed out that he wasn’t wearing a face mask.

The man allegedly responded that he couldn’t wear a face covering because he was wearing “this,” pulling up his shirt to show a handgun on his waist. He didn’t brandish the weapon or make any other comments.

Police weren’t able to identify him at the time, but Rockland Police Chief Chris Young said the man may have been under the impression that he couldn’t wear a face covering while carrying a gun.

Concealed carry is legal in Maine, but there is no law that prohibits people from wearing a face mask simultaneously, Young said.

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