The Cumberland County Jail in Portland. Credit: CBS 13

A 60-year-old who was brought into custody at the Cumberland County Jail on Tuesday afternoon tested positive for COVID-19, according to the jail.

The person, who was arrested by the Brunswick Police Department, was placed in a quarantine cell in the jail’s medical unit after being administered an Abbott Rapid ID Now test, according to a statement from the jail.

The case identified Tuesday appears to be the first at the Portland jail since mid-July, when it experienced an outbreak of three inmate cases in mid-July.

A state inspector who visited the Cumberland County Jail on Sept. 9 praised the facility for its use of precautions meant to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The inspected noted signs reminding staff and inmates to wear masks and wash their hands were “literally everywhere.”

Compliance with mask-wearing requirements was “excellent,” according to the inspection report. Cumberland was among 14 jails inspected by the state after an outbreak at the York County Jail in Alfred, which has recorded more than 80 coronavirus cases among inmates and staff.

Before the York County outbreak, Maine had only seen small clusters of coronavirus cases in its correctional facilities, unlike much of the rest of the country, where jails and prisons have been the sites of some of the largest coronavirus outbreaks.

In York County, management didn’t screen staff for COVID-19 symptoms each day and didn’t mandate that staff or inmates wear face masks.