The Bowdoin College campus is shown in this March 2020 file photo. Credit: Robert F. Bukaty | AP

Most Bowdoin College students will return to the Brunswick campus this spring semester as the school continues to repeal coronavirus restrictions.

Sophomores, juniors, seniors and some first-year domestic and international students will be allowed on-campus when the spring semester begins on Feb. 8 ― about two weeks later than usual. All other first-year students will study remotely, college President Clayton Rose said in a statement released earlier this week.

Spring break will be shorter, from March 19-24. All students must be tested for COVID-19 before starting the semester and provide proof of a seasonal flu vaccination. Safety will be a huge concern, Rose said.

“These expectations and rules all revolve around protecting health and safety — face coverings, no large gatherings (including parties), and so forth,” he said.

Students who don’t mask up or violate other rules could lose in-residence privileges, and seniors could be held from graduating if they violate in-class safety standards, Rose said.

Juniors and sophomores studying on-campus must live in residence housing ― in single-bedroom dorms.

Most classes will be online-only, with faculty teaching some in-person classes, including labs and upper-level courses. With few exceptions, senior seminars that are required for graduation will be online to ensure that all students have access.

“We will have significant space for isolation and quarantining,” Rose said.

Some things won’t change. The school will continue the Broad Institute COVID-19 testing program it began in the fall, and all students will be tested once they arrive on-campus and be in lockdown until several rounds of tests are done, Rose said.

Classes will end on May 18, with final exams on May 21–24. A celebration for the Class of 2020 will be held on campus on June 11-12.