A porcupine inspects some vegetation in Acadia National Park on a July afternoon. Credit: Courtesy of Liz Eudy

This past July, I was just getting into my car after a very disappointing outing looking for cool birds when I heard what sounded like a dog whimpering from the woods nearby. I was in a quiet area of Acadia National Park. It was nearing sunset, and I hadn’t seen a soul in what seemed like hours. I thought, surely this dog needed help, so I got back out of my car and walked toward the woods where this whimpering noise was coming from.

As I got to the edge of where the gravel road met the tree-brush line, a young, beautiful porcupine waddled out of the brush right next to me, whining like a puppy! I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears! I had never seen a porcupine up close before, and this little piglet showed no fear of me.

A porcupine wanders out of the forest in Acadia National Park on a July afternoon. Credit: Liz Eudy

I ran back to my car to get my camera, and I snapped a few hundred photos of this little spine piglet looking for the next delicious plant to eat. It was the most charming, lethargic, rotund little wild animal I have ever come across. It’s an experience I will never forget. The noises that came out of this little creature would make hearts melt and walls crumble.

Liz Eudy from Southwest Harbor, Maine

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