YORK, Maine — A Limington man convicted of murdering his neighbor with a machete was sentenced to 38 years in prison in York Superior Court on Monday.

Bruce Akers, 61, used a machete to nearly decapitate his 55-year-old neighbor, Douglas Flint on June 9, 2016, according to court documents. Akers hid his neighbor’s body under a pile of rotting deer carcasses.

Akers and Flint had reportedly been engaged in an ongoing dispute about property boundaries. The two worked together on a scrap metal job on the day of the incident, as they sometimes did. Akers later called police accusing Flint of stealing a six-pack of alcohol.

Later that day, Akers and Flint had a confrontation, during which Akers attacked Flint with a machete “at least 13 to 16 times,” according to Assistant Attorney General Bud Ellis, before hiding his body elsewhere on his property. When Flint’s family members came around looking for him, Akers said he hadn’t seen Flint since the previous morning.

When police found Akers at his property, he told them that he would have reported the killing but wanted to be left alone for “a few hours of freedom.”

“The grief of a family member who has died in this manner has been magnified by the randomness and the senselessness of the act,” and the family is “haunted by the vicious attack that they imagine their family members’ suffering,” York County Superior Court Justice Wayne Douglas said.

Douglas also factored Akers’ history of mental illness rooted in abuse he suffered in childhood. Akers was found incompetent to stand trial in July 2018 before he was treated at Riverview Psychiatric Center in Augusta. He was later found to have “the full range of skills associated with trial competence,” according to court documents.

At the sentencing hearing more than four years after his brother’s murder, Walter Flint said that he anticipated his family “not having to waste any more time” on Akers.

Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated Bud Ellis’ title.