An apparent dispute between neighbors in the town of Somerville has resulted in the shooting death of a dog.

The dog was killed by Dannie Peaslee, who said that the dog came onto his property and that he felt threatened, according to CBS 13. Peaslee has been charged with animal cruelty.

“We’re in a state of mental anguish,” dog owner Lindsay Grady told CBS 13. “It’s really awful. We had him for eight years and obviously I’m biased, but he was just the best dog ever, so loyal and sweet, and just nothing but a good boy.”

Grady and William Poulin, who also owns the dog, say that Peaslee’s actions are just the latest in an ongoing pattern of abuse towards them.

“There’s been many, many things,” Grady told CBS 13. “He once dumped a truck full of manure 40 feet from our well. He shoots on the property line like within 200 feet, we’ve seen him do it and there have been many witnesses to it.”

Poulin was cited for having his dog “at large”, which he told CBS 13 he disagrees with.