High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. Credit: Linda Pelletier / St. John Valley Times

A fourth person died Tuesday and the number of infected residents and employees has increased in at least one of the nursing homes in Caribou, Madawaska and Eagle Lake currently experiencing COVID-19 outbreaks.

One person died Christmas Day and two more on Monday at Caribou Rehab and Nursing Center, administrator Phil Cyr said on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, a fourth resident had died from the virus, although there were no new cases of COVID-19.

Residents and staff at the Caribou facility began receiving vaccinations against the coronavirus on Tuesday.

Six patients had tested positive for the virus a week ago and the number had grown to 44 by Christmas Day in the 67-bed facility. In addition to the 44 residents, 15 Caribou Rehab employees have tested positive for the virus.

Caribou Rehab is one of four Aroostook County nursing homes to experience a COVID-19 outbreak this month.The others were in Madawaska, Eagle Lake and Presque Isle.

Cases increased 50 percent in 24 hours at High View Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Madawaska, according to information administrator Nancy Cote Daigle posted Tuesday on social media..

“We want to inform you that we sadly have seen another increase in our COVID cases today,” Daigle said. “We currently have 14 employees and 28 residents that have tested positive.”

Those numbers are up from 19 residents and nine staff members who had tested positive at the 51-bed facility as of Sunday.

Mercy Home, a 40-bed nursing facility in Eagle Lake, also had reported a COVID-19 outbreak. Three employees and one resident tested positive on Dec. 22, and that number has grown to 13 residents and eight employees with confirmed cases of COVID-19, Northern Maine General said Monday.

No updates were available on the Northern Maine General website Tuesday afternoon, and Mercy Home administrator Denise Raymond did not return a call for comment.

A similar outbreak occurred at another Aroostook County nursing facility earlier in December.

Five people died and 27 were infected during a COVID-19 outbreak at Presque Isle Rehab and Nursing Center.

On Tuesday, the Maine Center for Disease Control reported 528 active cases of COVID-19 in Aroostook County, and 22,909 in the state.

As of Dec. 13, 701 nursing home residents in Maine have been confirmed to have COVID-19, according to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Of those, 106 have died as a result of the virus.