A "mystery beast" walks in front of a trail camera in a small Penobscot County town. What do you see? Fisher? Baby porcupine? Something else? Credit: Courtesy of Norman Tremblay

There’s nothing like a good ol’ mystery beast to get Bangor Daily News readers revved up. Back in 2013, we introduced you to the Wayne Werewolf. More recently, we’ve shown you large catlike critters that kinda, almost, nearly looked like mountain lions, and helped reignite the age-old debate over big cats here in Maine. And one time, a reader called one of our mystery beasts a “chimichanga” instead of a “chupacabra,” which left many thinking that Mainers didn’t know the difference between a mythical monster and a fried burrito.

Today, we’ve got another mystery beast to show you, one the trail camera owner describes as “creepy.” After looking at the photo more than once, I’ve got to agree — this animal looks a little gargoyle-ish, and is certainly creepy.

“I received a trail cam [one] Christmas and started to use it thinking we won’t see anything but lo and behold … we did,” Norman Tremblay said. “This amazing creature is so creepy to look at that it’s hard to believe it’s on some land we own. I hope people can enjoy this picture and it makes them smile, even just for a moment.”

The photo was taken in the tiny Penobscot County town of Lowell, which is just east of Howland and Enfield.

So, exactly what is skulking around the woods of Lowell? Tremblay theorized that it might be a fisher, but said he really isn’t sure what the photo shows.

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Since Lowell is only 40 miles or so from Stephen King’s Bangor home, I suppose this creature could maybe be a gargoyle that escaped from the King of Horror’s wrought-iron fence and headed for the forest. The jury’s out on that one, too.

To me, the animal doesn’t look sleek enough to be a fisher — commonly called a “fisher cat” by many Mainers. Instead, the animal’s more rotund body and awkward-looking gait screams “porcupine” to me. And since I’m not seeing any quills (and because I have all kinds of smart colleagues who offered this as a potential ID) I’m calling this mystery beast a baby porcupine.

Of course, I’m not a trained wild animal expert, so I’ve asked for some help from the state’s wildlife biologists. I sent the photo to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, and expect to hear back from the real professionals soon. I’ll let you know what they have to say later this week.

Here’s hoping they don’t say this mystery beast is a chupacabra. Or a chimichanga, for that matter.

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