An unidentified flying animal swoops past a deer in this trail camera image. Bat? Flying squirrel? You be the judge. Credit: Courtesy of Ken Beland

To be perfectly honest, the acronym “UFO” doesn’t really work for today’s reader-submitted trail camera photo. Instead, I probably should have used “UFA” — Unidentified Flying Animal.

That’s Ken Beland’s thought, anyway: The Newport man is quite confident that the shiny image in this photo is a critter of some kind or another. But what is it?

“I enjoy playing the ‘what is it?’ game in the trail cam series. Here is another night photo with uncertainty that you are welcome to use,” Beland said. “What is certain is the spike buck on the left side of the picture. What is less certain is the UFO to the right of the deer and closer to the camera.”

Beland has narrowed down the choices.

“This photo is from 2011, the first year I had a trail camera. I came up with two possibilities: Bat or flying squirrel. This one looks like a bat to me, looks like it flying instead of the gentle glide of the flying squirrel.”

And Beland has some experience to draw upon.

“I once got an image of a flying squirrel gliding by camera as I approached it in the dark,” he said. “A picture of a human and flying squirrel is not as cool as ‘a buck and a bat.'”

Thanks for the great photo, Ken. Keep ’em coming!

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