Craig Worster Credit: File / Lincoln County News

Millinocket police chief Craig Worster’s firing has been overturned by the Millinocket personnel board, according to Fox 22 Bangor.

Worster was terminated in December following allegations of harassment from Deputy Chief Janet Thierault. Theriault filed an 85-page complaint in 2020 alleging that Worster had bullied, harassed and behaved abusively toward suspects and community members. She said she was unable to return to work after Worster allegedly treated her abusively in public in February of that year.

There were also allegations that Worster used police department resources to eavesdrop on town employees illegally.

The vote was made by two members of the personnel board. The board’s legal counsel, Roger Huber, told Fox that the written decision is confidential.

What happens now is uncertain. The town’s interim manager, Richard Angotti, told Fox that he could not comment because lawyers were still finishing the paperwork. Angotti became the town’s manager this week after the previous town manager, Annette Padilla, was fired. Her termination came only four months after her predecessor, John Davis, was also fired.